Why we don’t ‘do’ Twitter or Instagram anymore…
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Written by Martin Litt

Partner, Sales & Customer Services, Loves a Chat, Always Laughing (too much laughing...)

May 26, 2021


When we take on any new client we have a process that we follow. Yes, every business is different. Yes, every business will need different things. Yes, it’s perfectly possible to have a framework that works for every business, so long as the framework is based on asking questions rather than making assumptions.

We use this process to unearth and clarify details we can use to our client’s advantage.


Researching an industry and customer base of a client is part of our discovery phase. In order to direct messaging and effective digital marketing we need to know who we’re speaking to, right?

So we gather data, analyse it, and establish who these clients and/or customers are, where they are online, what they interact with, and how.


After doing this for a few recent clients and seeing great results for them we decided to re-conduct this self same process on ourselves. (This is something you should think about doing roughly once a year)

And guess what?!

Our clients, the businesses we want to talk to and deal with, just don’t hang out on Twitter or Instagram.

They’re just not there!


Are we going to put loads of effort into witty snippets or a beautifully curated Insta feed if our ideal clients aren’t there to see it?


Is it OK to do that?


If by some strange set of circumstances you are a decision maker in a midlands-based SME turning over a million or so a year and are looking for a digital transformation to take the next step in your growth – let’s chat.



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