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We don’t just make well-designed websites. We ensure that the User Experience and Customer Journey is simple and intuitive. This promotes maximum profitability for you, and the best possible experience for your users.

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Your website is the window into your business, your most attentive member of staff, and your biggest advocate.

By creating a website that caters to the wants & needs of your ideal customers, we position you as their obvious choice.

Investing in a bespoke website design shows your commitment to the quality that your clients & customers expect to see.

Why work with QUAFF®?

We do things differently.

The unfortunately reality of the service industry is that for many businesses, its quantity over quality.

As more clients are added to their list, Account Managers spend less time working with each one on a personal level. As a result, there is always another client waiting in line behind them, with unanswered questions and outstanding issues.

At QUAFF, we will give you the attention your project deserves (and then some!). Unlike other agencies who have hundreds of clients to take care of, we offer a customised approach to all of our clients so that it’s tailored specifically to what YOU need – not just something to make it quick and easy for us to move onto the next project.

Although the deliverables for each client are different, the way we work with every client is the same. Learn more about how we work on our About page.









Our Website Design Process

We take all of our clients through the same process to establish their goals, understand their customer’s needs and turn their website into an invaluable asset.

First, we make sure that we have everything we need to begin the project. This includes your domain and hosting details if necessary, as well as your creative brief and all the website requirements.


For us the most important part of our process is the discovery. This is where we get to know your business and your customers or clients inside out. Not in some wishy washy way, either – we’re talking details, baby.


Next we organise all the information for the website into a hierarchical and meaningful structure, to make it easy for users to find what they need, and easy for website owners to publish their story.

Then we produce a prototype or ‘proof of concept’ to see how the website might work in the browser, and to see how users might interact with it. Once this is finalised, we then design an interface for the website.
The next phase is where we spin up our magic wizard tools and turn your beautiful prototype into a fully working website. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time indoors during this phase.
Finally, we put your new website through our pre-flight checklist and then launch it into cyberspace so that the rest of the world can visit it on computers, tablets and smartphones. BOOM!

Do you need help transforming your digital presence?