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We use customer data and behaviour analysis to create a thorough plan detailing what to say, when to say it and on which platforms over 12 months, and beyond.
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A thorough Digital Marketing Strategy gives your online business clear direction, taking away the guesswork and allowing your business room to breathe and grow organically. It also unlocks a lot of time in your schedule.

The Digital Marketing Strategy we create is the result of a deep dive into who your customers are, how your competitors operate and how content is consumed by your target audience.


Digital Strategy starts, as all our services do, with discovery.

Taking the time to gather as much data as possible, and taking the time to fully understand and analyse it, means we can give you a comprehensive strategy to take you through the next 12 months, with particular detail given to the first 90 days.

Customer Research

If you don’t already have the information to hand (or what you do have is out of date) we’ll carry out research with your existing customers or clients.

Speaking directly to existing stakeholders in your business brings vital information which will inform everything else we do.

We’ll also show you how this information can be used for the benefit of every part of your business.

Customer Personas

This customer research data will be systematically assembled into your Ideal Customer Personas.

These profiles will act as the catalyst for planning your digital content, ensuring that all your content is targeted and directly relevant to your users.

Customer Journey

A customer’s journey begins at your most remote touchpoints and follows the user through to the desired end result. This is more often than not a transaction on your website.

We design this journey to be as intuitive and easy as possible for your customers in order to boost both traffic and conversions on your website.

Our Process

The phrase “digital marketing” may seem vague or like an overly complicated concept for small businesses.

But as technology becomes more and more integrated into our lives–and consumers’ expectations of brands become higher–understanding how to use digital channels strategically is imperative to business success.

Here’s how we create your Digital Marketing Strategy.



Our Website Once Over is a ‘full service’ for your existing website, to check all your technical SEO, plug-ins, security, test your speed, and generally ensure everything is functioning at its optimum level. We will also give suggestions on how you could improve any area we feel is underperforming.



Once that’s done we will set SMART goals with you. Specific, Memorable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound targets so we know where to focus your digital strategy.


Using your SMART goals, the findings of our discovery period, and your expert input, we put together a comprehensive Sales Plan.

This is broken down into an overview of your sales targets, the products you want to focus on each month, relevant awareness days and how you can promote these products through your digital marketing.


We will establish which social media platforms are best suited to your business and create a strategy for each accordingly. This will include influencer research, hashtag & content strategy.

We don’t try to limit how many platforms you have a presence on, but each presence must be able to justify itself as actively beneficial to your business.


Your content strategy will contain our recommendations for your blog posts and website copy.

Designed to establish your position as an authority in your industry, it also includes suggested on-page SEO and repurposing opportunities.

With technical SEO being addressed during your WOO and on-page SEO covered in your content strategy, the final aspect of the Digital Marketing Strategy covers off-site tactics such as backlinks and Google My Business.


It’s essential that Strategy and Tactics are reviewed regularly, with changes implemented based on the data we gather. So, if you sign up to the QUAFF Digital Partnership, we review every 3 months, setting out our recommendations for the next 90 days.

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