We helped Anderton & Co redefine their core services online and streamline their online booking process.
Anderton & Co wanted to draw attention to their Virtual Finance Office, Virtual Finance Director services and Property Investor packages; whilst still offering the full range of financial services. QUAFF Digital designed and developed a new website to showcase these stand out services alongside the 'typical' accountancy services and finance function. We also included an integrated, automated booking system so Anderton & Co could effectively manage their clients and time.
2021 - present
UX, Design, Development, SEO, Maintenance

Anderton & Co are a Sutton Based Chartered Accountancy practice established in 2017. They work with SMEs and Micro businesses across Birmingham and the midlands. Anderton & Co provide more than just a year end ‘history lesson’ by taking an active interest in their clients’ businesses as a whole rather than just the spreadsheets.

Users on their website can book appointment slots directly with their accountant and choose from the range of appropriate services to them. This can be a free service as part of an existing client relationship or a chargeable call if required.

The challenge was to effectively display the points of difference offered by the Virtual Finance Office and Virtual Finance Director services and reposition the client as a thought leader amongst accountants in the midlands. The website was developed to drive more interest to these areas of accountancy as the recent lockdowns have led to a much higher demand for these services, despite clients necessarily realising it was an option! The third core service of Property Investment accountancy was added as a specialist area serviced by Anderton & Co.

Automated client booking and specific specialist services


Sitting down with Daniel, the founder of Anderton & Co, allowed us to find out about everything his business means to him as well as what it offers to clients. Gaining that detailed level of understanding allowed us to establish the correct tone of voice for the website.

Dan, by his own admission, has very little time or interest in words (being a ‘numbers guy’) so we also agreed to include creation of all of the website’s copy in the scope of works. The three core services offered alongside the ‘traditional’ accountancy function are areas that are of greater interest to the business. Not only are they more rewarding to work on but they tend to foster longer term client relationships. Understanding this as a goal was crucial to the development of the website and what it offers.

The development of ideal customer personas, understanding how the finance and accountancy market works, and researching the drivers behind picking (and then sticking with!) an accountant also drove the whole project forwards.


Once we had a complete understanding of all of the services offered as well as the tone the business wished to convey it was time to write up the website copy.

A detailed discovery phase meant that this was completed and signed off by the client within a week. We had originally planned for two rounds of revisions but, due to a comprehensive discovery phase, these were not necessary. All copy was written with SEO best practise in mind whilst maintaining relevance to the target audience.


Once the copy was done and signed off it was time to design the website.

The design elements were agreed upon based on a combination of our research, discussions in the discovery process, and a ‘minds eye’ impression from the client. From there we simplified the offering of the services to focus on the three core services the business wanted to do more of.

Adding integrated, automated booking made the process simpler for both Anderton & Co and their clients, as well as introducing a new option for chargeable calls and bookings.

I had a Wix website sitting there doing nothing for years and I knew I had to do something about it – I just never got around to it. After a few conversations with Martin I knew it was the right time to stop putting it off and tackle it head on.

Kate & Martin made the process really easy with responsive and clear communication, a clear & focused discovery process, and a great website at the end of it all.

I’ve also signed up to the Website Care Plan so they can look after my site whilst I get on with crunching numbers! I cannot recommend QUAFF highly enough.

Daniel Anderton
Founder & Owner

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