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Your website is more than just a collection of text and images. It’s a sales platform that helps you to connect your business with your ideal audience. Is your website delivering results to your business right now?

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Poorly maintained websites only help to lose you customers

Regular care and maintenance of your website helps you to ensure that you stay relevant to your target audience and stand out in your market.

When you don’t look after your website or make regular updates you run the risk of losing potential customers to your competitors.

You may have heard the “if you build if, they will come” mantra before. It certainly has a place in history, but it does not transfer over well to the digital space.

Unfortunately, if you build a website and carry out no marketing activities at all, you will struggle to have visibility in your marketplace. This means that your local or national competitors will happily continue to take the valuable customers that you’re looking to bring to your business.

Don’t be left bailing water out of a boat when it comes to taking care of your website. Regular maintenance, updates and care will help it to perform at its best for years to come.


Take advantage of the best sales platform that you have

Your website is the best sales platform that you have available to you in your business. Even if you’re not selling products or services directly!

As the main hub of your business, your website educates and informs your prospective customers, helping them to trust you.

You can use many avenues for marketing your business, including trade shows, conferences, videos, farmer’s markets, print advertising and more. Yet, all of these methods will lead back to your website at least once during the buying process.

As your best sales platform, your website needs to speak directly to your audience. You know the problems that they have and the solution that your products or services provide.

Using conversational content is a great way of doing this, as it’s written in a way that makes the reader feel like they’re sat on the other side of your desk.

Are you making the most of your best sales platform right now?



Do you answer yes to any of these?


You would like to generate more visitors to your website and be memorable to them


You would like to receive more enquiries via email or telephone


You worry that your competitors (locally or nationally) are more visible than you online


You need to make updates to your website, but you're not sure of the best approach to take


You're concerned that your sales figures are lower than they used to be or not what you'd expect


You know you need to update your website and/or plugins but not sure how to do this


You find managing and keeping your website updated to be overwhelming


You don't feel your current marketing activities are generating a return on your investment

Our website audit service, the Website Once Over, has been designed to help you with all of the above issues…and more!

Yes, I’d like you to help me with my website!

As your best sales platform, your website will typically have an organic level of growth from the perspective of the content that you add to it.

When you have new products or services to offer to the world, you’ll add content to support this. When you have news or updates, you can share blog posts. Your website grows with your business.

It’s important that your website is visible and accessible to your target audience. So if you target professionals who have an interest in science and high levels of disposable income, you need to have your website and brand in front of those people. If you’re not in front of them, where they use the Internet, you can’t position your products or services effectively.

Our Website Once Over service helps you to identify problems with your website and fine tune your processes, keeping it working at an optimal level.

A Website Once Over will take a deep look at your website, the design, content, functionality, speed, security and more.

Think of it like a health check for your website; you need to make sure that your website is healthy and in good order, so that it can be an effective selling tool for your business.

After completing your Website Once Over, we’ll provide you with a PDF report of our findings and any action points that we recommend taking care of. As part of the service, you get 2 hours of our time included, so we can use this towards resolving any issues that we’ve found.

Ready to get started?

You can click the button below to order a Website Once Over. You’ll be taken to our checkout to complete your purchase.

A Website Once Over is priced at £500, which includes our time spent auditing your website and also 2 hours of inclusive time assisting you with fixing any problems that we’ve found on your site.

After your order has been placed you’ll receive a welcome email, a short form to complete and instructions on how to give us access to your website. Then we’ll book you into our next available slot, and let you know the start date, which is usually the following week.

We look forward to helping you with your website!

What’s included in a Website Once Over?

A Website Once Over looks at seven key areas of your website. The results are supplied as a PDF report with action points to let you know what needs resolving. Finally, we include 2 hours of our time to help you with carrying out the recommended action points.

Web Design & Branding

We’ll look at how your website has been designed and branded towards your intended target audience. An example of something that we look for here would be making sure your website resizes the content responsively to suit the size of the device on which it is being displayed.

Conversion Optimisation

One of the elements we look at here is making sure that you have a clear Call to Action (CTA) on each page of your website. It’s important to always have an intended action that you would like your visitor to take. This could be to book a call with your company, send in a quote request or to purchase a product / service through a checkout.

SEO / Online Visibility

We’ll look at how visible your website currently is in the search engines for the type of searches that your target audience are performing. We’ll make a note of any competitors (locally or nationally) who are getting more visibility and attention than you. Just like you, we want your website to be more visible than your biggest competitors.

User Experience

We’ll review the experience that a typical visitor has on your website. Is everything easy for them to use? Can they easily contact your business if they need more information on your products or services? Perhaps you’re doing something at the moment without realising that could negatively impact the browsing experience of a potential customer.

Website Speed / Performance

We’ll carry out a number of speed and performance tests on your website. If your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, it would likely need some speed optimisation work. You only have 7 seconds to capture the attention of the average visitor, so you don’t want this time to be spent with them just waiting for your site to load.

Website Security

We’ll check the security of your website and make sure that you have good protection in place to secure your data as well as the data belonging to your customers. Where there are any issues, we’ll make a note of these and provide recommendations for fixes. This is an important step as an insecure website is a ticking timebomb.

WordPress Review

We’ll carry out a full review of your WordPress website, looking at how it has been put together, the plugins used and the active theme. We’ll specifically be looking for elements that are outdated or not maintained as these will present a security risk to your business. Any issues will be noted, along with their potential impact.

PDF Report With Action Points

Once we have completed your Website Once Over, we will create and send over a PDF report document, with included action points. This will let you know any items that need resolving on your website to improve the design, user experience, website performance, security and any errors that we’ve found.

2 Hours Included Time

We include 2 hours of our time to assist you with resolving any action points that we’ve found as part of the Website Once Over. If you need more time than we’ve included, we can assist with further action points at our standard hourly rate. We’ll tackle the most important issues first, as these are the ones that will be most critical for your business.

Feedback From Our Clients

We call Kate our web unicorn – partly because she occasionally looks like one! And mostly because she is definitely magical. She usually thinks of things, such as upcoming dates and events before I have managed to, sorts everything before I’ve even finished messaging her about them, and keeps her cool and remains patient and friendly even when I make ridiculous mistakes and cause her stress!

I honestly cannot recommend Kate enough. There is no one else I would want to use and to be honest, I think you should too.

Gemma Bowering

The Lily Pad Florist

When I first met with Kate and Martin from QUAFF, I was quite jaded about my past experiences with everything online. They came across as incredibly down to earth people, who genuinely cared about my business, and wanted to understand exactly what I wanted… which was a bit difficult as I wasn’t entirely sure what was possible…

…It was quite clear to me that QUAFF weren’t your average digital marketing agency, and were exactly what we needed, that hands on approach we have with our customers. The personal touch that makes all the difference.

Richard Cook

Shirley Aquatics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a Website Once Over?

It’s important to keep your website updated and suitable for your target audience. This means having a clear goal with the content that you’re creating and ensuring that you clearly state your message to your visitors. Website security is also a major issue. If you’re not looking after your website, this presents a large security risk to your business.

How long does a Website Once Over take?

Once we’ve received your order, we’ll book your Website Once Over into the next available slot. This is usually the following week. From time to time this may be a little longer, as it will depend on our current work schedule. Once the Website Once Over is complete, we will send over our report and send over the details of the recommended next steps.

What if I don’t have a WordPress site?

Unfortunately we only offer the Website Once Over on WordPress websites. If you currently have a website on a different platform and want to work with us, we’d love to discuss a website redesign with you. We’re always happy to explain why we only work with WordPress.

How can I trust you?

We have over a decade of experience with WordPress, web design and marketing. We’re well versed in carrying our audits on websites and ready to assist you. You can see some testimonials from previous clients above and we’re more than happy to share some Case Studies with you.

Yes, I’d like you to help me with my website!